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Eureka Enviro Steamer

Eureka Enviro Steamer Product Description:

Eureka Enviro Steamer

The Eureka Enviro Steamer is a high quality steam mop. The product features a head that swivels making it easy to guide the head around objects, easing an individuals effort.

There is also a long cord and a detachable handle, so people are also able to clean or sterilize things such as their counters.

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The Eureka Enviro Steamer has a water tank is located right on the head of the steamer making it much more ergonomic. This results in the person using the steamer needing to push far less to remove dirt than for most steamers where the tank is kept further up the mop.

It takes only 3 minutes to heat up the water in the tank and it is ready to go. It heats up to a very high temperature, around 220 degrees, and it leaves very little water after cleaning which dries very quickly. It will fill with just over 20OZ of water which will give just over 20 minutes of cleaning.

The Eureka Enviro Steamer also weighs in at just under 5.5 lbs, which is still lightweight. However, most importantly, it is still strong and sturdy enough to withstand the vigors of cleaning.

The steamer is also environmentally friendly, because it uses no disposable pads just water, it features steam vents on either side of it’s head instead of in the middle and it also requires no chemicals to use.

Actual Eureka Enviro Steamer Reviews From Amazon Updated: 01/14/2012

Throw away your mop,
Pomeranian Lover

5 stars
Very happy to see the Enviro Steamer return !!! I have had the 311A enviro steamer for 2 years. I had to pay an arm & a leg for it on ebay because Eureka discontinued this product several years ago. Mopping was my least favorite chore, it almost brought me to tears I hated it so much. I have over 1200 sq.ft. of tile in my house & keeping it clean used to be a daunting task. UNTIL……..the enviro steamer.

One of the best purchases I have ever made. No more bucket & mop, no more over perfumed wet jet that leaves you with a sticky floor & expensive replacement pads & fluids. Now it is just water, the enviro steamer, a washable & reusable magic pad & me. I actually consider cleaning my floors FUN now. By the way… love using the enviro steamer, you may even find your husband cleaning the floors more often.

Hint: Get a few extra Magic pads, 1 or 2 is not enough unless you have only 1 small area to clean. After I finish with 1 room, I just slap a new pad on, refill the water, give the enviro steamer a few minutes to heat back up & I’m on to the next room. The first room is dry in minutes & clean.

Hardwood Floors cleaned!,
Laurie B. Wagner “Martha Wanttabe”

After hours of research, reviews, and price shopping I bought this Steamer. I have lived in the Midwest for 10 years now, and after living in S. Fla with Tile floors (easy to see that they are clean), it has become increasing difficult to keep my dark hard wood floors really clean. I have used various hardwood cleaners and damp mop, as well as on my hands and knees with hot water and brush (hating that water was standing to dry on my hardwood). But still they are deeply dirty. I’d see my kids white socks get dirty just from walking in my clean house! Argh. It seemed impossible. So, after a couple cheaper wet mops (you’ve all seen them on TV) which are better suited for light cleaning of tile and bathroom floors, I bought the Eureka Enviro Steamer. I’m so glad I did. I used it AFTER I cleaned my kitchen floor (again dark hardwood) and the pad was black with years of built-it grime. Gross. I can’t believe I’ve been walking around on that floor. I made two passes, just to be certain and I’m glad I did. My floors are CLEAN! Finally. I followed with a glow/gloss product (soft cloth head on my damp mop) made for hardwood floors and my hard wood floors are like shiny and new.

I should note that you do need patience when using this to ensure it’s done right, but it’s worth it. Love that it came with two cleaning pads, so that i could switch and continue into another room. I had to stop and fill it again while doing my kitchen (25×40 ft), but it heats up quickly. It’s a well made, quality product. I recommend. Throw away those cheap wet mops and invest in a product that works… with only water.

Much better than your typical mop,
Sarah Shepard


I’ve had my Enviro Steamer for about a month now and have used it on several types of floor: laminate, Mexican tile, ceramic tile and sealed hardwood floor.

On the plus side — It’s very easy to use, quiet, maneuverable and not too heavy. The pad is durable and attaches easily. It heats up quickly, picks up dirt well and the floor dries quickly.

On the minus side — It left streaks on the smoother surfaces (wood and laminate). A quick re-mop removed the streaks. I flip the pad over (after the mop has cooled some) and use this side for streak removal. Not a big deal. Will not clean the grout between tiles (though this product does not make that claim).

Overall it’s cleaner, greener and more effective than any mop I’ve used. Much easier than being down on your hands and knees with a sponge and a bucket. Be sure to vacuum or sweep well beforehand.

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